VC Elements Air Clutch Brakes Eaton Airflex

  • Aplications: Grinding Mill, Marine Propulsion, Metal Forming Machinery, Oil field Machinary, Paper Mills. Ball Mill, Drilling Rig, Workover Rig, etc


    11.5VC500, 14VC500, 16VC600, 20VC600, 24VC650, 28VC650, 33VC650, 37VC650, 42VC650

    14VC1000, 16VC1000, 20VC1000, 24VC1000, 32VC1000, 38VC1200, 42VC1200,46VC1200, 52VC1200, 51VC1600, 60VC1600, 66VC1600, 76VC1600, 76VC2000

    PARTS: Airtube, Friction Shoe Assembly, Torque Bars, Release Springs,  Friction Materials, Repair Kits, Spiders, Drums, Drum Hub, Axial Locking Devices, QRV, Rotorseal


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