Eaton Airflex 28VC1000 142674HA Elements Air Clutch Brakes

SKU: 142674HA
  • Eaton Airflex 28VC1000 Models:

    142674HA 28VC1000 EL ASSY MSC
    142674HC 28VC1000 EL ASSY W/4 SC
    142674HE 28VC1000 ELEM ASSY 4 QRV
    142674HJ 28VC1000 EL ASSY 1 SC
    142674HM 28VC1000 ELEM ASSY 1 QRV
    142674HN 28VC1000 ELEM ASSY 2 QRV
    142674HP 28VC1000 EL ASSY 2 SC
    142674JD 28VC1000 EL ASSY MARINE
    142674JK 28VC1000 ELEM 4 QRV EXT
    142674NR 28VC1000 ELEM SPEC   ABS
    142674NV 28VC1000 EL ASSY, EXTEN
    142674TF 28VC1000 EL ASSY (511671
    142674TO 28VC1000 ELEM ASSY   ABS
    142674UJ 28VC1000 ELEM 2 SC BAL
    142674UN 28VC1000 ELEM ASSY,SPLIT

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