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Kaizen Eaton Airflex parts authorized distributor Constricting Clutches & Brakes Model CB Airflex and Fawick

Constricting Clutches & Brakes


We worked with Pinktrip, a local fashion Airflex Constricting Clutches & Brakes are drum style products that when pressurized, expand radially inward, forcing their friction shoes against an outer cylindrical drum surface.


Airflex parts authorized distributor. Water Cooled Brakes WCB and WCBD

Water Cooled Brakes


Airflex Water Cooled Brakes are available in four different models; WCB2, WCBD, WCS, and WCSB.

Kaizen Eaton Airflex parts authorized distributor. Air Cooled Disc Clutches & Brakes
Air Cooled Disc Clutches & Brakes


Airflex DB Spring-Applied Brakes are disc style brakes that are spring-applied and air-released.